Allgrange Services was formed in 2001 as a result of the amalgamation of 2 family owned businesses. The Directors both have extensive experience in the building industry, including Government/public housing sector.

Today, Allgrange Services is a diversified building company and service provider to a range of private and public sector clients.

The company utilises its resources and intellectual capital to provide integrated solutions to clients’ project and infrastructure requirements.

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Have a clear picture of what you currently have, what you need and what you like.

The first step is to understand what you need and what you would like! Right down to the type of interior styling your likely to go with, as it can influence the design of the building, as can the current design of the existing building. Whilst ‘anything’ is possible, many times, the existing building combined with the budget will dictate some of the restraints.


Choose a Builder and Architect EARLY!

With renovations more than new build, you’ll most likely require both early on to assist with your ideas, budgets and forming a concept from the beginning. Make sure you choose a team that has a strong history of delivering for their clients.


Make the call!

If you have a rough idea of what you would like to achieve, the right time to start discussing with a builder is NOW. The earlier you get the involvement, the faster you can get clear understandings of how far your budget is likely to spread using the canvas of your current house and various other ideas that are open to you that you may not have known to exist.

Start with your renovations now by downloading our Free “Smart and Novel” Home Renovation Ideas!